Cloud Web Hosting For Australian Businesses


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Business Hosting



Business Hosting



Business Hosting


True Cloud Hosting
Data Backups
  Hourly     Hourly     Hourly  
  2 GB     10 GB     20 GB  
Data Traffic
  5 GB     100 GB     200 GB  
Business Email


    100     200  
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Hosting Features
  Clustered Hosting            
  Load Balancing            
  Control Panel            
  FTP Access            
  Server-side Scripts            
  MySQL Database   1     5     20  
Backup Features
  Automated Backups   Hourly     Hourly     Hourly  
  Daily Offline Backup            
  Off-Site Backup            
  DIY Website Restore            
Email Features
  Email Accounts   50     100     200  
  Email Aliases   Unlimited     Unlimited     Unlimited  
  IMAP / POP            
  Spam Filters            
Domain Features
  Redundant DNS            
  DNS Management            
Marketing Features
  Graphical Webstats            
  Search Engine Listing              
  Directory Listing                
  Search Engine Report                
Service Features
  24 x 7 Monitoring            
  Uptime Guarantee            
  Australian Datacentre            
  Local Support            
$24.95 / month




$34.95 / month




$49.95 / month


          MOST POPULAR PLAN      

Engineered for Australian Businesses

  • Local Operations & Support

    Australian businesses require their websites to be accessible and maintained within Australia.

  • Unlimited computing power
    Unlimited computing power

    Benefit from shared infrastructure that allows website resources to peak without needing hardware upgrades.

  • Cloud Hosting
    True Cloud Web Hosting

    A unique clustered hosting solution with load-balanced servers and redundant infrastructure.

  • High Performance Web Hosting
    High Performance. Low Cost

    You get the perfomance of a dedicated server, at a fraction of the cost it would be to run your own server.

  • Data Backup
    Managed Data Backups

    Hourly backups with on demand restore capability. Offsite archiving capability.

  • Guaranteed Service Uptime

    Our services are backed with an uptime guarantee.